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Christianhernandez66 / Apr 12, 2023


Benjamin Wilson - Mound, MN

Great seller! 

Ken Kasek - Three Mile Bay, NY

Packed well. Motor looks good. Good communications. Thanks 


Thank You!!! great seller A+++++

Vortec 350/5.7 base GM marine engine

Anthony Dentino


Great communication with these guys and they shipped my new engine as ordered. My Mechanic opened the crate and said he was impressed with the product they shipped. Thank you, guys!

Mario Rodriquez - Homestead, FL

A+ Rating

Good communication professional assistant I will do business again seller A+ thanks good care on delivery - (ebay feedback)


Vanessa Waker


Did an exchange on a seized 5.7 tbi mercruiser. Had a hand built 5.7 by Anthony in under 3 weeks. Had zero issues since rebuild 1 year ago. Anthony is always available to answer any questions or help out. Highly recommend for local marine builder with a reasonable price out the door engine under 2500 bucks. He also stands behind his builds with a warranty on any part he rebuilt in the engine block as long as it is not due to other worn out customer installed parts. Also local in st pete by bay pines.

Donald Ross - Google Review - 11 months ago


Both boats that I own have carburetor old school engines and it getting real hard too find capable people to work on them. I’ve known Anthony for a number of years and I would recommend him highly. He always was able to squeeze me in when I needed work done. I glad to call him a true friend


The “TheJetRooster” Jetrooster


I had Anthony rebuild one of my stroker motors on my Formula 336 SR1. He did a great job. Customer service and attention to detail was exceptional. I would totally go back to Anthony to rebuild any engines if I had to. Keep up the good work Anthony.


dave aitken


Anthony rebuilt my Volvo Penta 4.3 two years ago and all is perfect. Had a wiring question and he spent the time to explain what is going on and all the testing procedure to get me straight. Two years later he still treats me as one of his best customers, because he is the best.
Never one to talk down to a customer. He likes a customer that is trying to get it fixed.


Jimi Brown29


My sea ray 240 needed engine, Anthony put it in gave me his cell number in case I needed anything, engine is perfect, had oil change guy said engine was great, I ride all around St. Pete in the ocean and intercoastal no problems, you’re not going to lose dealing with Anthony

Harold Nuse


Let me say it's been a long time coming to write this review I finally got enough time on the engines to be comfortable with them. I first met Anthony after I took my 32 Envision out for the first time and found out I needed two engines rebuilt. After talking to Anthony and telling him what I would like for my engines it was decided to stroke my 454,s for a little more performance and reliability with a few up grades. I dropped off the boat he removed the engines and I took boat home to prepare bilge for new rebuilds. After engines were done we would take it out for a sea trial to check engines. During a visit to the shop we stated to Anthony that the boat was to pain and need something done to it he said he could do a paint scheme on it. { Didn't know he could do that to} so we told him the colors we wanted and left him have free rein with it. When Anthony called and said it was ready we showed up and was blown away with paint job.
So we then took boat to the water started up engines sounded great took it our for a ride and found there was vibration that wasn't there before so we took it back to shop and he said leave it there and he would check into it.
After I got back from a business trip Anthony called and said he found and fixed the problem. I took it to my marina and ran the boat and no vibration very happy! Let me say I would recommend Anthony's Marine Engines to anyone and have him do other marine repairs also.
Love the performance and paint job!


Mike Spitzer


I had to replace my engine and block and Anthony came to the rescue! He swapped out the whole thing, replaced only what was needed and built me an amazing motor (383 Stroker) He is honest and only charged me for what had to be done. He also was willing to explain in easy terms any questions I had on the function and purpose of the components. A great learning experience. I cant recommend Anthony enough. I will take any future issue with my boats to him!

Arthur Epstein


After Purchasing A 36' Twin Engine 5.7L V8 Inboard Motor Boat One Engine Started Making Noise , Lost Oil Pressure, And Overheating Within The Fist 30 Days. I talked To The People At The Marina Where I Dock The Boat And They Said I Was In For A Very Costly Repair And A Long Time Without The Boat Due To The Nature Of The Repair, Replacing or Rebuilding The Engine.
I Contacted Anthony At Anthony's Marine Engines And What Happened Was Just Short Of A Miracle. After Anthony Checked The Engine And Determined That It Needed To Be Replaced or Rebuilt He Arranged For A Company To Pick Up The Boat ( I Didn't Have A Trailer )And Have It Delivered To His Shop.Within ONE WEEK The Rebuilt 5.7L V8 Was Installed And The Boat Was Brought Back To Me. The Engine Runs Perfect And The Cost And Time Were A Fraction Of What Everyone Else Said They Would Be. Anthony, At Anthony's Marine Engines, Is A Very Talented Detail Orinented Professional and A Prince To Work With.



A Man of His word! ,I know Anthony for many years! He has repaired or rebuilt all my boat motors, I have tried other companies NOTHING LIKE HIM! He is a perfectionist REALLY GOOD BOAT MECHANIC And he was always there to respond when I needed him! He was and will be my boat mechanic for many more years!! I trust him!! .


Mark Mortellaro


Anthony built an engine for me close to four years ago and it has performed perfectly through the years. I hadn't used the boat in some time recently and was in need of a new lower unit. Anthony quoted me costs for labor and equipment for the lower unit which I readily agreed to. He said we first needed to make sure all was still well with the motor even prior to lower end install. He said the engine was running perfectly and I just needed to rebuild the carb, I had let the boat sit with close to a half tank of gas for almost a year so this was no surprise. When I got the boat home I had some issues gas related and Anthony and his staff came to my home and worked on the boat twice on my dock getting me back to the best ride I have ever had on this boat!! Shoot straight with Anthony as he will with you and you'll be a return customer like me whenever you need help!! Guaranteed

Lulu Knot


I've been using Anthony for years and have purchased 2 or 3 motors and some we hired him to rebuild. We are in the business, so we look for a good deal and a good guy. We got both with Anthony. It is worth the 300 miles round trip because we know we will get a professional and honest job done in a timely fashion. Thanks Anthony! Bruce from Merritt Island.


Myron Spilde


Great service and extremely knowledgeable. I've had 2 engines rebuilt and installed by them. I couldn't be happier with them.

Stu R


I had my 454 marine engine rebuilt by Anthony's and it runs great ! If you are having any issues with your motor or just want to add a little horsepower, he's your guy. He stands behind his work and has the knowledge and experience to back it up, and offers personal customer service that is hard to find. Since everything is done in-house, you will not get a better deal anywhere. Highly recommended !

Robert Johnson


I have read all of the reviews for Anthony's Marine service. Most of them are telling the absolute truth. They did my inboard engine in April, and I could not be more pleased. They are honest, they know what they are doing, and they will help you in any way possible. I have had fuel issues that have nothing to do with the engine, and I stop by and ask them questions all the time. They are probably sick of me by now. I tell everyone about them. I would give them 10 stars if there were a rating system. Call them, tell them Bob with the Sunesta 220 recommended them. You won't be sorry.

Patrick Santosuosso


I drove Over 10 hours to have these guys build me a motor. Nothing but a phenomenal experience. Honest and trustworthy is hard to find in the marine industry. These guys are amazing. Motor runs extremely strong and they’re very fair priced. Anthony, thank you for everything I highly Recommend this man to anyone seeking marine engine services.


Rich Obren


Anthony has built many engines for me and each one has been exactly what he promised. His years of experience are second to non. Thank you for taking each one of my engine builds personally and doing such a great job!!!!!!


Robert Collins


I took my 38 foot top gun to get some work done before I say anything I wish I could get more than five stars Anthony did a wonderful job on my boat I can’t wait to do business with him again I highly recommend this place he’s a standup guy never met anyone nicer in the boat motors are perfect they never run better

Steve Nelson


Anthony did an awesome job rebuilding my Hurricane deck boat engine and also found a few more problems that could have been costly. I would definitely go back again.
THANKS Anthony

John DiMare


Anthony is a knowledgeable engine builder who stands behind his work! Be patient, any mechanic that does quality work will be busy.

Knute Steel


Great service. Anthony did two 5.7 Volvo's for me with great results - and a great price. Many thanks Anthony!

Joe Soto


joe here from mobile marine in Tampa , i have done business with this engine shop going on 3 years and found them extremely knowledgeable and true professionals at a fair market piece ,


Jean K


Just got off the phone with anthony who saved me over 600$ in a matter of two minutes, top notch customer service and extremely knowledgeable , local company wanted 700$ for a flywheel for my 350 and he informed me where to get one for 1/10 of the price, cant wait to have them build me a 383!


warner performance


These guys have built 4 engines for me thus far...and will continue to build them for me....all are still out running to this day...i beleive people need to understand that these guys build the rotating assembly and heads...they are not responsible for your old components that you bolt back on or that you tell them to bolt back the owner of a marine shop i know what needs done before you turn the key on a new block...but these guys know exactly what to recommend to you do before you turn the key....if you do not take in the info and apply it to your new engine their is now room for error....a+ fellas!!...thank you


doni michaud


Ive heard they have been in business for quite a few years also that their service is reliable and dependable, n have a pretty good cliental, n make tbier customers Happy

Lester Wills





Anthony builds engines by hand and builds them rite!

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